24/7 Support

41354153Our help desk provides 24/7 telephonic assistance to the students and centers. Students can send us the queries through email, along with the details of the issue. So that, our technical support team will provide the personalized technical support to the students in any situation.

In general, our online help desk receives mails, 24 hours a day without any dropouts from both web forms and e-mail. Notably, our support team with the in-house knowledge can conveniently search out the relevant answers for the customer issues. Then send the answers instantaneously, to significantly improve the resolution time. Such as the 24/7 support, you can contact the appropriate personnel to notify the outage to them and get it resolved quickly.


  • Incessant and personalized customer support
  • Robust communication with customers
  • Accurate and timely responses with extra attention
  • Direct guidance from proficient expert
  • Cost-effective customer support

Online Ticket Support

Especially our best-in-class online ticket support seamlessly routes the inquiries created through email, web-forms and phone calls. whereas into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based ticket support platform. In fact, our helpdesk tracks the progress of a ticket continuously, right from the moment it is opened. Obviously all the way through the resolution and closure, and also sorts the tickets as per the requisites of the clients. Furthermore presents the choice of creating own different views. according to the needs and suitability for customer support.

To point out, every incoming ticket gets automatically categorized, prioritized and assigned to the right agent or support group. in order to automatically suggest the best answers to a ticket from the knowledge-base. In addition, flexible and dynamic business rules allow virtually unlimited routing. ticket update automation capabilities for inbound and existing tickets. Moreover increase in the volume of tickets can be managed easily. indeed ticket page layout can be customized to suit with the current requirements.

Thus for instant support regarding your phd work, reach us. that is to say our online support team is always there. Regardless anywhere at anytime.


    • Automated and error free capture of tickets
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    • Effective customer communication
      • Robust management of tickets.
      • Faster turnaround of customer queries



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