seminorResearch seminars provide an opportunity for frequent exchange between students, academic staff of the Faculty as well as guests. A good supervisory relationship is the essence of a successful PhD programme. Ideally, a PhD will be seen in terms both of its desired end result and the process by which that result is achieved. Here, our Faculty team conducts the seminars to provide an excellent opportunity for the students. In order to familiarize with the methodology of their relevant subjects and to interact with the examples of the practical problems that occur during research work. We conduct a variety of seminars that provide instruction and hands on training in many aspects of soft skill as well as the technical skills.

Through the workshops and seminars, we focus on imparting the industry relevant skills to the professionals. In order to make them as industrial personnel using the world-class content and practices. As, seminar provides a great opportunity for you. That is to discuss your own dissertation project with other PhD students and senior scholars with a very constructive ideas. Also, you can expect to meet PhD students from across and beyond your expertise. Also, you can train your presentation and feedback skills in an intercultural setting and think out of the box. In addition, you receive first-hand advice on publication strategies.

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