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International Conference

In general, Conference is to provide an international forum. And, this Conference exchange their ideas among interested researchers, students, developers, and practitioners. Specifically, experts are those related to computing, communication, Engineering, soft computing and applications all over the world. Mainly, it aims to bring together researchers, scientists and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results. And also, peer review of the paper submission takes place. Then, the evaluation made based on originality, technical research content, truth, related to conference and presentation.

Benefits of Conference

The paper submissions will be chosen based on technical quality, interest, suitability and balanced technical program. The technical and other supports are creating awareness about to improve research and development activities. It will be guide to publish high quality academic international journals in the conference. Our PhDizone will hep to promote the Research Scholars to improve their skills in presenting their Research Papers and techniques in International Conference.

International Conference on Systems Engineering and Emerging Systems

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International Conference ICSEES 2014 International Conference ICSEES 2014. In today's scenario, there is an Increasing demand for SE/SI Engineers worldwide. Incidentally, we face an acute shortage of SE/SI Engineers. In addition, lack of SE/SI Capacity adversely impacts economy. Also, based on these factors, the organizers have planned to organise a conference on systems engineering and emerging systems. As a result, this conference would bring a forum for the engineers to discuss. The issues involve applications of systems engineering processes, tools and techniques to design, develop and deliver complex systems on time and within budget. Scientists working in major industries, will [...]

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