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As every university is unique and all have something different to offer their PhD students. But,one thing in common is that Publication is must if you want to continue in the world of academics. Top journals are highly competitive. And, it can take months before they actually give their feedback regarding the articles you have submitted. Thus, it almost never happens that an article will be accepted without any revisions. And also, the chance of getting refusal is high. Therefore, publishing in top journals can actually take time. But, publishing in one top journals value the most and added credit to your research. Ultimately, PhDizone provides the guidance in Paper Publish of all the domains.

Thesis Writing Service – Impact On The PhD Research Scenario

2017-12-26T06:29:03+00:00December 26th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Paper Writing Service, PhD Assistance, PhD Guidance|Tags: , , , , |

Thesis Writing is an integral part of PhD research process. As it requires lots of research and resources. Many scholars are opting for professional Thesis Writing Service these days to produce exceptional thesis. As a result, there are some positive impact on the prevailing PhD Research Scenario. Thesis Writing Service PhDiZone believes in the philosophy that today’s scholars are tomorrow’s esteemed citizens. In order to be a successful PhD scholar, it is paramount to support your research with an exceptional Thesis. We offer the best Thesis Writing Services. It is sought after by most universities and professors. Our technical writers [...]

National Conference on Frontier Research in Power and Energy Conversion 2012(FR-PEC12)

2018-03-13T09:57:43+00:00October 18th, 2012|Categories: National Conference|Tags: , , , , |

FR-PEC12 -  National Conference on Frontier Research in Power and Energy Conversion 2012 – Oct 18 – Dept. of EEE – Muthayammal Engineering College – Rasipuram National Conference on Frontier Research in Power and Energy Conversion 2012 (FR-PEC12) aims to bring together Academic Scientists, Leading Engineers,Industry Researchers, Technologists and Scholars to exchange their experiences and research results about all aspects of Power Systems , Power Electronics & Drives ,Electrical Machines etc.. and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted, besides providing a common platform to demonstrate their research capabilities. This conference is also expected to motivate the participants [...]

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