Here to Know More in Detail about Dependable and Secure Computing

//Here to Know More in Detail about Dependable and Secure Computing

Here to Know More in Detail about Dependable and Secure Computing

The latest software technology that has a better scope nowadays is dependable and secure computing. The emerging technology that plays a crucial role in the software world that is beneficial in several ways.

Similar to the cloud computing and grid computing secure computing also store the information temporarily as well as permanently. The cloud computing and grid computing are the domains for the undergraduate academic project whereas the researchers in their doctoral research mostly choose dependable, secure computing. Therefore, it is the trendiest research topic among the PhD researchers.

Dependable Secure Computing

Generally, the dependable and secure computing is the combination of both the concepts with categories such as attributes, threats, and means. Likewise, these three categories also have its unique subfields for the certain purpose.

To point out, attributes include processes like availability, safety, integrity, reliability, confidentiality, and maintainability. Whereas, the threats include failures, faults, and errors. At the same time, the means has its unique purpose to prevent, tolerate, remove, and forecast the faults. To point out, this is the reason behind why the dependable and secure computing has a unique position among the software technologies.


The ability in the dependability denotes that it can undergo many functions simultaneously without any external dependency. To mention, it can deliver a service that can justifiably trust. Additionally, it can avoid failures of the service as well as encompasses the following attributes:

1. Availability – The information’s stored in the storage will be available at all time’s one can easily access the stored information at any time and anywhere.

2. Safety – Usually, the data stored by the user has their unique security credentials. Through this, another unauthorized user will unable to access the stored information of the user.

3. Maintainability – The maintainability is for repairs and modifications. The repairs process is to remove the reported faults, discover and remove the dormant faults. Similarly, the modifications are to adjust the environmental changes and augment the systems functions.

Apart from these, the threats in the dependability us to manage the development phase, and use phase. To point out, the development phase is to handle development tools, production and test facilities, and human developers. At the same time, use phase for the administrations, intruders, and infrastructures.


Usually. Security is a composite of the attributes. The security purpose is to secure the stored information and saved credentials. It saves this information and credentials from attackers and unauthorized users instead. Thus security is possible with preventing various security purposes. The security includes various sectors are the following:

1. Confidentiality – Usually, the confidentiality protects the information confidentially, and it prevents from unethical hacking. It is confidential that saved data will not be theft because of confidentiality.

2. Integrity – Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or moral uprightness. It is a personal choice to hold one’s self to consistent standards. As a result, researching in dependable, secure computing will be secure and independent.

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