The PhD Journey – Important Stages to Finish a Successful Doctorate

//The PhD Journey – Important Stages to Finish a Successful Doctorate

The PhD Journey – Important Stages to Finish a Successful Doctorate

PhD Journey

As compared to many other degrees, PhD Journey is different. This doesn’t mean the way it has several difficulties to perform. Though it has various stages to accomplish the degree, it has its own recognition as the doctorate of a particular field. As you all know that, the completion of PhD degree is not such an easy and simple task to take over. But nowadays, many of them have that courage and passion to complete the doctorate of their graduated domain. This inspires many students to carry out PhD journey.

How PhD Enhance Your Identity?

When you are studying on the same programmes or under in the same laboratory as another student, you will be definitely specialized in your particular area. Your PhD shows you completely unique even if you have the supervisor. Since the research develop you to get the core findings of the domain. That original contribution leads you to attain deep knowledge of the concept.

According to the normal graduate students, PhD is difficult to complete on particularly desired duration. But the same question when asked to the doctorate scholars, they support PhD as an interesting one to learn all the specific features in the domain. So, this gives you the detailed knowledge about your desired subject and you can excel in it. Also, it has a benefit that you can survive wherever you go with this core expertise.

Effective PhD stages to complete a PhD Journey

In order to finish the PhD degree, many beginners struggle a lot in beginning stage of the degree. For those who have no idea in proceeding the doctorate, these stages will become useful at the certain point of time. Whereas the majority of PhD experience scholars approve the following PhD stages for an effective PhD journey.

1. Research Proposal Preparation

To mention, PhD research proposal is not the part of your PhD research. Strictly, it is a part that gives you an idea to follow the process. And it is a stage in PhD application process. This stage develops you with the aims and objectives of your research. So, it explains to you about the importance of your work and how to fit with the PhD expertise based on individual’s university.

2. Literature Review

After beginning your research, this Literature Review is the first thing need to tackle with your supervisor. This stage will make you identify about the brief concept of the earlier research works. At this stage, those who don’t have the basic skill in the subject also may acquire some previous works. So, make use of this stage in an effective way to start your research eagerly.

3. Research and Results

Next stage of literature review takes you to the advancement of the work that you acquire from the previous stage. That doesn’t mean that you no need to refer to the previous research works. After completing the existing research analysis, now you have to stay up to date with latest developments in your particular field. Not only, the new trends analyzing enough for your research, should it also incorporate with the literature review. Thus it varies for each field of research.

This stage differs in producing results for various fields. Hence, results outcome and its maintenance will vary according to certain domains. Here some of the areas are explained briefly. While considering science and technology, it enables you with designing, experiments, recording and calculating the results. If it is a social science domain, then taking surveys and conducting case studies produce your results. Similarly for Arts and Humanities, then there is no necessity for raw data results production. So, the research in several fields ends up you with qualitative and quantitative results based on the area also based on software implementation.

4. Thesis and Dissertation

Once you got the confirmation with your results, then now you can start finalizing your research with thesis and dissertation. Many of the effective PhD scholars still have doubt and difference between both of the research writing. To clarify, thesis writing is your argument. That is, the conclusion of combining the literature review with your own research results provides you with the thesis. If it is written as a document and proves as a demonstrative conclusion, then it gives you with dissertation document.

5. PhD Viva Voce

It is the final stage of PhD research implementation. Unlike other degrees, PhD is not a normal piece of written work. The oral examination of your dissertation considers as a PhD viva voce. Mainly, the goal of this stage is to examine you whether this research is full and full of your work. Just to get the confirmation through several questions from the examiner judge about your contribution to the research.

Thus, following all these stages along with Plagiarism Checking will help you to complete the doctorate degree in a well efficient way. Finally, make your research work in any of the top journal publication or any conferences to get accreditation for your research work.

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