PhD Research Methodology – Significance and Its Understanding to Complete Your Research Paper

//PhD Research Methodology – Significance and Its Understanding to Complete Your Research Paper

PhD Research Methodology – Significance and Its Understanding to Complete Your Research Paper

PhD Research Methodology: The research methodology is an integral part of the study, and its purpose is to explain how you will conduct the research and which data collection and analysis methods you will use. Research Methodology such as

  • A framework of research including philosophies, assumptions, and theories
  • Methods, procedures and techniques used to enhance the reliability and validity of the research
  • Philosophical orientation of the research
  • The justification for choosing PhD Research Methodology
  • Consideration and limitations of the research method

Designing your Research Methodology

When Writing Services the methodology for the research, you must already have a clear working hypothesis and research questions. In fact, preparing a research design is a challenging task and involves the following tasks such as

  • Defining the basis of information such as qualitative or quantitative
  • Determine the subject of research which is basic or experimental
  • Identifying the approach of research methodology like longitudinal or cross-sectional
  • Identify sample design
  • Data collection methods
  • Plan for the data collection and analysis
  • Generalization and interpretation
Moreover, justify the research methodology decisions by showing the understanding of different techniques. Also, need to be aware of the risks and limitation of selected data collection and analysis method and show the competency in using different data analysis.

Things to Include in Research Methodology

Research Strategy: Need to state how will gather information, complete the analysis, literature review and how will draw conclusions.

Research approach and assumptions: To state whether or not your research is based on any assumptions, hypotheses and how will you approach the topic.

Data collection tools and methods: Explain the strategy to collect information which includes surveys, observations, statistics, and the list of tools and software.

Data analysis techniques: State how you will analyze the results. For example software, spreadsheet and analysis in case you conduct Qualitative Research.

Research Method: Choose the research methods like qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods.

Ethical considerations: Show the understanding of the ethical issues which may arise during the research and state how will handle them.

Research Process: Draw up a research process map which lists all steps to ensure that the data will be reliable and it can deliver in a timely manner.

Limitations: Also state the limitation of methodology use, small sample size and potential bias.

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