How to Structure Your PhD Synopsis?

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How to Structure Your PhD Synopsis?

PhD Synopsis?

Generally speaking, PhD Synopsis is the plan for your research project. Also, it provides the rationale, research objectives, for the research, proposed methods for data collection, recording formats, questionnaires and interview guides for the research. Indeed, it establishes the paper. Since synopsis is what most reader scan through. Consequently, you must structure it in a perfect way.

1. General

First of all, the synopsis is to be considered as a detailed summary of the work. Also, the important results highlighting the original contributions in the thesis to be submitted. As a result, it should give an outline of the thesis. Because outline plays a significant role. Identically, your outline must be precise.

2. Number of Copies to be Submitted

Six hard copies and one soft copy (pdf file) in a properly labelled CD are to be submitted to the University.

3. Synopsis Size

The size of synopsis should be 30-40 pages of 1 ½ spacing on A4 size good quality white paper preferably not lower than 80 gsm.

4. Synopsis Layout

  • Cover Page & Title Page
  • Declaration
  • Table of Contents
  • Body of the Synopsis
  • List of References
  • List of Publications

5. Typing Instructions

The synopsis should have the following margins

  • Top Edge: 25 to 30 mm
  • Bottom Edge: 25 to 30 mm
  • Left Side: 35 to 40 mm
  • Right Side: 20 to 25 mm

6. Binding Specifications

Each of the 6 copies of the synopsis should be sewn and bound using flexible cover of thick white art paper. The cover should be printed in black letters and the text for printing should be identical to what has been prescribed for the title page.

7. Submission of Synopsis:

  • Six soft bound copies of the synopsis are to be submitted along with a soft copy of the synopsis (pdf file) on a CD with proper labelling.
  • The candidate has to submit the Thesis within six months from the date of submission of the synopsis.

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