Plagiarism Policies for Doctoral Thesis – Why is it Important Not to Plagiarize Your Research Paper?

//Plagiarism Policies for Doctoral Thesis – Why is it Important Not to Plagiarize Your Research Paper?

Plagiarism Policies for Doctoral Thesis – Why is it Important Not to Plagiarize Your Research Paper?

Plagiarism Policies

Before getting to know about Plagiarism Policies, Plagiarism means a copying someone’s ideas or text and projecting as one’s own. It is a simple way of explaining plagiarism. In schooling days, it is common and known to all that malpractice is nothing but stealing or copying other person’s material or content respectively. In order to avoid this, from childhood on-wards, all kids have taught these habits are not a disciplined manner. That is, it not only advised and applicable to school children but also mandatory for many professionals. To mention, professionals means the students, research scholars and also to others in the various profession.

Why Plagiarism Matters a lot?

In general, plagiarism is consider as a dishonest presentation of the work as it project as from effort. As a matter of fact, in many professions like musicians, writers, speakers, programmers, directors, students or scholars all of them face plagiarism. Once in a lifetime, all have indulged in either plagiarism or plagiarized. It is a normal and ordinary one according to the place where it happened.

Say for example, when this copying happened among school level examination, it affects among school level. But the same happened in any intra school level competition, the impact happens quite bigger. Likewise, it is just a simple illustration to define the effects of plagiarism and its impression. Whereas when this take place in other professions then the originality of one’s own effort will loss their own recognition or identification.

To state why the plagiarism matters a lot lies over here. To paraphrase, its effect has changed many of the person’s life. When plagiarism committed without proper acknowledgment, then it is consider as the violation of plagiarism policies. When it happens, then the trust of one’s hard work broke out and they lack their opportunities. For that reason, one should not permit others to look into the very confidential documents or scripts.

Why Plagiarism Committed?

As we saw that why plagiarism important to consider in all the fields, also need to analyze why people admit plagiarism. Notably, everyone points of view is that they commit plagiarism or they violate plagiarism policies due to several reasons. Many accept that people force at one extent to copy or steal other’s work and project into as one’ self-work.

First, it is wise to understand what the reasons almost all admit to committing plagiarism are listed below with some examples. This mainly happens with research scholars, final year project doing students and essay writers etc. When deeply analyzed, this ends up with some common reasons like lack of time, more academic load, fewer deadlines etc. All these are basic things but students struggle a lot to overcome this problem on time. Significantly, many PhD research students face many challenges in writing up their dissertation, synopsis, thesis, essay writing.

In order to implement the research analysis punctual, many of them admit plagiarism either knowingly or unknowingly. There the problem of making plagiarism starts among the people. Likewise for this reasons, many have compliance in copying or overwriting someone’s report or thesis. Usually, many thought that just overwriting or rephrasing the documents in the existing research paper never able to find and it is not consider as the plagiarism. But the exact to describe is many don’t have that awareness of what is called plagiarism and what is its policies.

Policies that Violate Plagiarism

Though plagiarism accomplished and projected as if one’s own creative thought, it is easily identified nowadays. Since there are many plagiarism tool or software are in existence. Specifically, it is to know the percentage of copyright, source from where it is copied, all details will come to know. When the following actions performed, then it is treated as plagiarism.

  • Translation or Rephrasing of a sentence from another source.
  • Direct Copying of word to word as a text.
  • Paraphrasing the sentence or entire documents.
  • Downloading figures or charts, statistics or configurations without acknowledgment.
  • Copying Comments from a different guide or lecturer.
  • Borrowing other’s work and submitting as one’s own.

These are simple examples that come under plagiarism policies. Whereas many research scholars try to overcome these issues in their research paper writing, dissertation writing, thesis writing, synopsis writing. As a result, these writing services help them a lot to publish their research papers. Especially Journal publication support or conference paper writing help them to publish research paper using plagiarism check software.

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