Things to Consider While Writing Research Proposal

//Things to Consider While Writing Research Proposal

Things to Consider While Writing Research Proposal

Research Proposal

A research proposal is the beginning of your research, and it gives a very clear view of what the research is based on. In fact, it contains the scope of the research that you are proposing, and it gives a brief outline of the research.

Why it is Important?

Generally, it is used to establish whether there is expertise to support the proposed area of research. It forms the part of the assessment of the application and finally, it submits as part of an application is just the starting point and ideas evolve the proposed research is likely to change.

Tips to Consider- Research Proposal

There are certain elements which should be there for sure. Here a list of elements which can be there in the Research Proposal, it gives an outline of how a research proposal can be written and what all should be there in.


Make sure that the title goes beyond simply describing the subject matter and it gives a clear indication of the proposed research approach or key question.

Background and Rationale

  • The background and issues of proposed research
  • Identify discipline
  • A short literature review
  • A summary of key debates and developments in the field

Research Questions

Make sure to formulate these clearly, giving an explanation as to what problems and issues are explored and why they are worth exploring.

Research Methodology

A well developing Research Methodology section is vital, particularly if intend to conduct significant empirical research. Make sure to include specific techniques such as kinds of resources consulted, methods for collecting data and analyzing data.


References can provide the reader with a good sense of grasp on the literature and how can contribute to it. Make sure to reference texts and resources which you think will play a major role in the Thesis Writing Services analysis.

Techniques for Writing Research Proposal

Although, there are a few tips and techniques which can follow to make your research proposal look better.

  • Use simple language and keep the description in non-technical.
  • Obviously, describing a multidisciplinary aspect of PhD Research in proposals will help to proposals get approved.
  • Keep it simple with facts. Don’t try to justify the facts and figures to an explanation they are not indicating to. Quantity things as much as possible, then the readers will educate enough to contemplate the data.
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